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01.22.07   -  
This week, we will post on-line the confirmation normally mailed to racers.  It will contain some more general information on the race.  You will be able to view it, or download it and print.  If you have any questions please e-mail.  Also this week actual openings for classes will be posted.  The schedule looks great this year.  Many racers choose to race one class this year, so we have as many racers as before, just a few less entries, making for a much smoother event for sure!   Still trying to setup Paypal for extra motors and shirts.  If we can do this it will go on-line this week also, so watch for that.  We start check-in Monday night this year so racers can get their race stuff early to get ready for Tuesday practice!   Practice schedules will be at race in lobby and track.

01.15.07   -  
Each year at the 'birds, we take great pride in our tech.  Our crew, with Jim Smith, John Moukie, and Paul Schaub have been racing since the '80s and have seen it all.  We know the grey areas, and we know what to look for.  We have teched batteries when there was issues there, with looking for correct markings, weights, etc and having TQ cars and winners unsolder their packs right in tech.  We have a timing gauge and have checked arms for correct timing years ago when we still were racing Chameleons in 19 turn.  All TQ cars for each round, each class are held in tech and tore down in qualifying.  We work to keep the race fair and equal for all and this year will be no different.  Anyone coming to not play fair, can be ready to be teched and eliminated from the race!   We have some basic rules on our class info page that have been posted for awhile.  Anyone with concerns or questions can always e-mail.  We also will have a race letter available soon that will have some more basic info for you.  The Snowbirds has always been the big race with club race feel.  We want you to have a fun week.  You can count us to help make it great!

01.08.07   -  
The winner of 6cell Factory Modified oval this year will also win a custom chopper with a ton of hop-ups worth over $2K, donated by Dennis Merideth.  We invite all oval companies to prepare a car for any on-road superstar that might want to run this year, to make a true IROC class at the 'birds.  Already some big names, like Chris Tosolini, are gearing up to run the fast 6cell mod class.  Many on-road racers would love to run oval but do not have the time to get a car dialed in.  If each car company could prepare a ride and basically have the on-road racer show up to practice and run laps it could work great.  Kind of like real racing with a crew chief and all.  Getting the best oval and road racing together will be fun and awesome to watch!  Winner gets to choose from two custom 'bird painted canopies.  Here are the specs of the brand new Meridith Group chopper:  Custom MX 450 Heli, Futaba PCM radio & receiver, Futaba 401 gyro & 9650 servo, 3 Hitec HS 65 servos, custom graphite frame, Castle Creations speed control & Medysa outrunner motor, Extreme power 1100 mah battery & CR JB-1100 Microcomputor charger, Microheli componets, and an aluminum case.  Awesome!  Thanks Dennis!!
 Pics are here, here, here.  The KSG Factory Modified class is going to be one to watch.

01.01.07   -  
We have past the 400 entry mark!  There will be a new entry update today.  All classes are open, so there is still time to get in the race!  I get e-mails thinking we are full and racers miss out in their race plans.  Hotel is filling up fast, however, so make those reservations.  Call 407-996-7400 and tell them Snowbirds to get the low special racer rate.  Our goal is to not past 800 entries this year, possibly just over 700 to keep the race schedule simple and enjoyable.  We don't expect a sellout in the next week at least, so you have time.  Get them in to be safe.  We only have about 5 percent of Manufacture's Row entries in right now.

12.25.06   -  
We are excited to announce we have
RaceTalkLive.Com coming to the 'birds to broadcast it live to an expected audience of over 50,000 race fans around the world.  This is great for RC car racing and everyone involved with the 'birds, including our sponsors, as we constantly try to bring as must exposure and coverage to the race each year.  RC Race'n Radio will be live providing racer interviews, race news and gossip, the main events, recaps, product reviews, and more!  With RaceTalkLive.Com accessible all across the globe, they truly expect a record breaking crowd of listeners tuning in to the live coverage of the Snowbird Nationals.  This should help boost the exposure of RC car racing and this hobby we all love to a worldwide audience of race fans.  We can't thank Doc Love and everyone involved to make this happen for the upcoming race!  Here are a few great samples from their last live broadcast:  #1, #2.  Their press release.

12.18.06   -  
Registered racers for the 2007 Snowbirds are now being posted.  See them on the new live interactive Google map!  Entries have been coming in from all over the world.  Over 100 came in the first day.  Have fun with the live racer map.  Racers will be on the linked page above.  Once we hit 300 entries for road and 300 entries for oval we will start listing available openings in classes.  This way we can fill classes to allow the best schedule for the week.  The newest Xtreme magazine is due out any day, and it will have an entry form in it, for anyone that is not on-line.

12.11.06   -  
The entry form was posted Mon Dec 11th.  Over 100 entries were received in 24 hours!  Racers are able to sign up on-line and pay with Paypal, or simply fill out a form to print andmail in.  We anticipate another fantastic crowd for 2007!  Entries are limited again this year, and we aim to keep total entries at 800.  Once we hit 300 road and 300 oval ,we will start to fill classes to reach our max.  Entries are limited to allow the race schedule to stay on-time.  Make sure to make your hotel reservations as the hotel is filling up fast for our race week! 

12.04.06   -  
We have had some great girls come and be a part of the action on Sundays.  Hollie Winnard and Jessica Barton are the #1 racers favorite and are returning to the 07 'birds.  Have your picture taken with these superstars.  Do a web search to see more about them and their pictures!  Both have been in many magazines, including Playboy.  Hollie has starred in several movies.  Jessica is a host on ESPN2.  Both were here in 2006 and are very excited to be a part of the Snowbird activites.  They say people still recognize them from the 'birds!  Racers and their families/friends will be able to have their pictures taken with them in our victory lane, and of course the awards presentation will include the girls.  We will be working on souvenir pictures with a cool background for you to take home!  Jessica and Hollie will also be judges in the Parma Concourse competition Sunday morning!  Check back to see what the girl's will be wearing.  Here they are from last year.

11.27.06   -  
A change in handout motors is coming for 2007!  The very popular Komodo Dragon will now be used in the 19 turn road course racing.  For oval, the Ultrabirds will still be used in 19 turn classes.  We will be handling out the blue CO27 for all stock classes, in road and oval.  Now racers will be able to use more of their handouts in other racing events, as most all tracks allow these three in their racing rules.  All stock and 19 turn classes include a motor in their entry fee, and extras will be available at the event.  We may allow racers to prepay for extra motors online.  Stay tuned.

11.20.06   -  
Each year, we try and bring all racers together for the 'birds!  Classes are now posted on the site with some basic rules.  We  hope there is something for everyone!  Entry form will be out very soon.  This year, for road, we are bringing back touring rubber.  Road racers in the South have been missing the last couple years as there are no carpet tracks to run on.  We hope bringing back a rubber class will welcome more racers, as cars with basic asphalt will work great on carpet.  Plus the CS27s are used at most tracks so this will keep things consistent.  For oval we are adding the 4300 class, being made popular by the BRL, and are also adding a truck class!   With the Custom Works Sprints returning, all oval types of oval racing are represented well.  There should be great racing for everyone!  Start practicing and planning now.  Get those bodies painted and looking good!

11.13.06   -  
We have an all new race schedule for this year and are very excited about the change.  There are four qualifiers now with an extra resort in the program (two total).  Club races are dropped to allow this extra heat.  Also new in 2007 is 'BUMP N RUN' Saturday.  Right after the last heat of road, and the last heat of oval, the mains will be setup and we will run the B-mains.  B-main winners will bump into the A-mains, which will be raced on Sunday.  What this means is the top nine cars are now locked into the A-mains.  This will be adding a ton of excitement to the race program for sure!  The new schedule will also allow us to be done earlier on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday we should be done around 10pm, as we only have one heat of oval and road with the B-mains.  Sunday we should be done around 6pm since we already will have run the B-mains on Saturday.  Also new for 2007 is keeping the road and oval on the same schedule.  In years past we mixed up the week with oval in the morning and road night, then switching it mid-week.  This year road stays morning and afternoon, and oval afternoon and evening.  This might keep everyone a little more relaxed.  The only negative we can see about the new schedule is starting a day earlier.  This is why we are adding an hour of '1st Timer' practice on Thursday.  We have a regular two hour speed round planned for road and oval on Thursday, but this year we are going to give the 1st hour of this to racers that were not here for Tuesday and Wednesday's practice.  We will be strictly enforcing this.  One hour for these racers should be enough time to get a lot of laps in to be ready for racing!  We have four heats and two resorts remember.  We want everyone to be able to participate the 'birds and be part of the show! 

11.06.06   -  
All racers that race the 'birds will have their choice of a FREE race body from Protoform once again!  Over 400 bodies were given away last year and we can not thank Pro-Line enough for their interest in this promotion again.  They will be offering the popular Mazda 6, Speed 12B, and Dodge Charger.  Bodies will be given away at racer check-in.  We will be working on adding even more great items to this year's entry for you.  Last year we also gave away Free participation awards and souvenir Snowbird glasses.  Companies interested in supplying racers with promotional items and/or products can e-mail Mike and we can work on something. 

-   New 2pm check-out Sunday
-   New FREE wireless Internet access throughout hotel
-   New Hotel TV Channel that will show races

I am pleased to announce that racers will now will have access to wireless Internet from their hotel rooms, the food/bar, and the racetrack.  And the most exciting news is this will be at no charge!  The hotel and I worked a deal to bring this to you for 2007.  I am also excited to announce that we now have a dedicated TV channel that will be bringing you race video, audio, results, more, right into your hotel room!  It also will be on the TVs in the lobby and food/bar!  The hotel is committed to us and the Snowbirds, and have shown this by adding the Internet service and having their IT technician wire us into the hotel TV network, all before our event in Feb.  Make those hotel reservations now!  The hotel will sell out our race week.  Call them at 407-996-7400.  It will be exciting this year for racers at the hotel as you can now get Internet all throughout the property, and keep up with the racing 24/7 right from your TV in your room, all making for a greater race experience.  I met with the hotel staff Friday 10-27 and had a wonderful meeting on-site.  Bill Terrill, the head of sales for Legacy, is anxious and ready about the 'birds.  He believes that everyone will see a huge difference in service from the hotel, and also see many new improvements.  We are trying hard to bring a wonderful race and event to you and everyone involved.  These are huge steps in doing that!  We hope you can be a part of the 13th annual Snowbird Nationals!  Thanks for your support!!

Check back next Monday for more news!



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