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  RC Race'n Radio at the 2007 'Birds 

RC Race'n Radio will be live at the 2007 Trinity Snowbird Nationals providing racer interviews, race news and gossip, the
     main events, heat racing, race recaps, product reviews, and more!  With RaceTalkLive.Com accessible all across the
     globe, we truly expect a record breaking crowd of listeners tuning in to the live coverage of the 'birds.

We will be "LIVE ON AIR" Feb 7th-11th from the 'birds, so stop by and see Doc Love and the crew trackside:
          -Wednesday night for 2 hours as we talk all about the Snowbirds!
          -Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night for an exclusive 1 hour show highlighting all the days events!
          -Sunday for 4+ hours as the A-mains will be broadcasted live with winner interviews, plus much, much, more!

RC Race'n Radio, the only live motor sports radio show dedicated to the R/C racing industry debuted
     Wednesday April 12, 2006 on RaceTalkLive.Com and WLRT AM 1490 the "Out Law" based in Hampton, VA.  
     RC Race'n Radio is normally broadcasted live from the "Customworks" studio inside the King R/C hobby shop every
     Wednesday at 8 PM (EST) with hosts Doc Love, Danny Southard and R/C oval racing legend, Chris Smith. 
     To date, RC Race'n Radio has maintained an average of well over 10,000 listeners for each show.
The upcoming 2007 Trinity Snowbirds will be promoted to a whole new level and RC racing will be brought to a wide range
     mixed audience. 
We are excited to help extend the coverage of RC Racing and have more learn about this great hobby
     we all love!  RC Race'n Radio has seen great success in broadcasting live R/C racing events this past year:

          -2006 ROAR 1/8 scale buggy nitro off Nat's:     The Farm 2 in Charlotte, NC:   51,216 Listeners
          -2006 RC Pro Series nitro off road finals:    Metro Centre in Rockford, IL:
   26,836 Listeners
          -2006 US Open Wheel Dirt Oval Champs:    Coopers RC Race Center in Callands, VA:
   22,668 Listeners

 They are a few limited openings for advertisers during their race broadcast.  E-mail them for info.
Audio Samples from RC Race'n Radio:
   Tony Stewart on RC Race'n Radio   
    Panther Tire Advertisement
      Some Live Racing Action  

   Dennis Lanier Advertisement      RC Pro Finals Sample
 A Live Read Sample  
   Honeycutt and Lemieux on Show       Live Racing on RC Race'n Radio      Mike on the Show 01-18