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New Road Course and LIGHTS 04/2006


Frank's Racer Message BOARD

Talk about racing, ask questions, get info, more

See Mini-Z Racing from Franks HERE
Check out what is so awesome about Franks

Watch Racing From Franks Live HERE
See the race results and watch the web cam LIVE!!

Kyosho Mini-Z information:  HERE,  HERE

Indoor Wed Night Mini-Z Racing!  
"Rain or Shine you're on the Line Racing!"
Mini-Z racing starts at 6:30pm Wednesdays!   Indoor racing with A/C, restrooms, power, more!
FREE practice during the week.  Come out and practice your car so you can be ready for racing.  Computerized lap counting allows you to see your race results and try and improve!  Come have a great time racing on Wed. nights.  Mini-Z's are fun and competitive.  Get yours and come race and be a part of the Franks family of racers! 
THANKS TO TOM EILERS and ROGER, along with Kevin, Chuck, Dan, JB, Team Arse and MORE for the building of the new speedway, road course, and overland track!  We have a great group!


Every racer that races in
5 of the 6 weeks gets an
award with their name on
it, no matter what place they finish in the series. 

Check out Dan's Classic Hot Rod.  Interest is there to get a class of these racing once in awhile.  Convert any 1/24th model into a racing machine!

 New BUSCH Cars at Franks:
Check out the new Cup conversions for MR-02's.
They race modified.

Dave Kreeb's #43.
John Moukie's #12

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   Message Board:              here
   Thunder Racing:              here

   Frank's, Trains and Hobbies  
  3910 Tampa Road   Oldsmar, FL  34677
  (813) 855-1041

  E-Mail for racing info:

  Franks Saturday Night SUNCOAST CUP RACE  August 13th

  Franks Friday Night SUNCOAST CUP RACE  April 22nd
Check out these awesome CUP racing videos:   Video #1  /  Video #2

Check out these  Tips and Tricks  for the Winston Cup racecars.  This class is awesome with over 20 CUP car drivers at Franks now
with side by side door to door action every race night!

Even with Ideal Garage Solutions shelving this track would be too big to fit in an average size garage. 


Past Mini-Z Points and Results:
2nd Suncoast CUP race results HERE
1st Suncoast CUP race results HERE
Easter Cup Race results HERE
MINI-Z '06 Winter Series #1: HERE
MINI-Z '05 Fall Series #2: HERE
MINI-Z '05 Summer Series #2: HERE
MINI-Z '05 Summer Series #1: HERE
MINI-Z '05 Spring Series: HERE
MINI-Z '05 Winter Series #2: HERE
MINI-Z '04-'05 Winter Series #1:   HERE
MINI-Z '04 Spring Series:
MINI-Z '04 Summer Series #1:   HERE
MINI-Z '04 Summer Series #2: HERE
MINI-Z '03-04 Winter Series:  HERE
Old Race Pictures from Franks HERE

Pictures from Easter Cup Race:  

2005 Easter Cup Race Winners!   "Saturday March 26th"
Pictures from the building of the new track:    

Franks Mini-Z Racing Wednesday Nights
Racing 6:30pm - 10pm.  Computer lap counting!  You get 2 heats and a Main.  $5 a class

Mini - Z Stock On-Road
Mini - Z Stock Oval

Mini - Z Winston Cups
  (F1 cup car conversions - mod motors)
Mini - Z Craftsman Trucks  (F1 cup truck conversions - stock motors)
Mini - Z Big TYME Minis
(overlands, etc)

Please come by and see us for more information.  We have computerized lap counting!  Race results and points above.

 Directions to Franks
3910 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL  34677
(813) 855-1041
Franks has an all new location.  Franks is across from the big auto dealership, just east of the railroad tracks on 580.   Franks is just east of Wal-Mart.
Stop by and see us!!  Welcome All!!

Old Racing Video's from Franks Asphalt oval racing:

Franks Racing - video #1           
Franks Racing - video #2
Space Shuttle Video from Franks - here

 Check this out!  For 2 years in a row - Channel 13 was a Franks doing their live morning show LIVE! 
  2003's Show 12/15/03 - Channel 13 FOX - featured Franks once again!  This time showing
the awesome racing of the Mini Z's on the track.  Check out all the video from
the actual LIVE morning show.  Millions saw what fun racing RC cars are!  A
huge 'Thank You' to Russell Rhodes and Channel 13!

  Live TV #1 - Description about RC racing and Mini Z Racing   (23 seconds)
  Live TV #2 - Showing a little racing with Kevin, TinMan, and Mike   (18 seconds)
  Live TV #3 - The big race with Frank and Russell  (kinda LOL) - Part #1 -  (63 seconds)
  Live TV #4 - The race with TinMan and Mike on TV - Part #2 - (60 seconds)
  Live TV #5 - LIVE introduction showing the racing, the hobby, and more   (63 seconds)
  Live TV #6 - Quick talk on racing and zoom-in on Mike's Earnhardt Mini Z   (16 seconds)
  2002's Show 12/02/02 - Russell Rhodes and FOX Channel 13 did their morning show from Franks Monday Dec 2nd and it was GREAT!  Moukie, TinMan and I had our cars taped and Julie, Scarecrow, and Kevin had a lot of air time.  Franks got about 20 minutes of air time and we
had about 6 minutes of time with us racing.  FOX promoted R/C car racing and showed air time from 6:50am to 8:50am.  Thanks Franks for being so supportive of R/C racing and getting racing going again for all of us so we can enjoy this great hobby!

  Video #1 - Russell Racing Tinmans Car         Video #2 - Live interview inside store         Video #3 - Live on TV with us racing             Video #4 - Kenny and Julie helping Russell  
  Video #5 - Russell walks with Tinmans car   Video #6 - Live with Kevin and us racing    Video #7 - Racing during the Interview          Video #8 - Kevin and FOX giving RC racing a plug

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