We read the message boards and knew there was discussion on motors coming 10 degrees timed more or less than the factory 24 degrees they are supposed to be.
We were concerned, so we conducted our own sampling test for statistical purposes.  We opened 20 new CS27s and 20 new Komodos. 
The gauge we have locks around the stacks and lines up with segments.  It works great and have used it many times, including years ago with Chameleons to keep things fair.
OUR FINDINGS:  Not one of these 40 random motors were noticeably forward or negative to cause a concern.  We were extremely pleased with the consistency and results.
We are going to allow a small amount of variance - however will not advertise what this will be.  It will be a judgment call by our tech.
We also observed the drill hole patterns of these 40 arms and have real consistent data.  Racers with re-drilled arms will be DQ'ed.

WANT TO SEE A TWEAKED ARM:   I took an arm and tweaked it the old fashioned way with vice grips and pliers. 
Looking at the arm below you might be able to see the slight amount of possible timing.  (stack lines should align with comm segments)
Looking at the arm on the gauge shows zero doubt this motor is way off of the 24 degree mark.  We will know which motors have been tampered with.