The 2006 Snowbird Winners are inside Race Rock:
For the past six years, Race Rock of Orlando has greatly supported the Snowbird Nationals.  Every year the winners from each class get their winning car body inducted into the restaurant.  Millions of visitors come to Race Rock each year and the Snowbird winners and their sponsors are up front and get great exposure for the whole world to see.  What a great way to advertise RC car racing and all the RC companies that sponsor the winning cars that are on display.  Thank you Race Rock and Bobby Moore!  Check out past Race Rock Cases:  2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001


Alan Behler
  4cell stock                                        Mike Blackstock  GTP Modified                          Josh Cyrul  1/12th 4cell Mod                                Jeff Dayger  Touring Stock     

Jeff Dayger  GTP Stock                                         Barry Hill  4cell Sportsman 19                               Greg Honeycutt  4cell Pro Modified                    Brandon Melton  Touring Sportsman 19

Paul Lemieux  Touring Pro Mod & Expert 19        Monti Panzica  6cell Factory Modified                  Steve Pembeton 1/12th 4cell 19                         Eugene Ryder  6cell Touring 19

Steve Salvas 
6cell Sprints                                           Rick Talbot  4cell Expert 19

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