"KSKT RACING PRODUCTS is excited to be the title class sponsor for the SK class at the 2009 Snowbirds Nationals.  Last years SK expo class was outstanding and the feedback was out of this world.  Bringing the grass roots racing to R/C racing.  What other way to race than with open wheel racing.  The most authentic looking cars on the market not to mention fast and fun.  This class started out in northeast and has been spreading like wild fires throughout the country.  Most tracks are adopting the class to be there own spec class for there club racing.  Cars are cheap, durable and parts are easy to find since they all accept Team Associated RC10L4 parts.  Anyone can race these cars from the pros to the average joe racer.

The history on this class goes back to the early 80's where cars were nothing more than a solid G10 chassis with NO suspension, they have evolved into much more although KSKT does make a solid SK chassis kit to this day.  The SK cars today utilize a Associated Dynamic Strut Front End, a single damper tube and tweaking screws to adjust your rear tweak.  For the mid suspension it is nothing more than a rod with fuel tubing.  NO SHOCKS!! T his helps to keep the overall cost down and bring the fun factor up.  Like I said its for everyone.  So don't be afraid, get a SK car and come join us at this years Snowbirds Nationals Race.

KSKT Racing Products Team will be there to help answer questions and the tech inspection.

Any SK MFG Chassis Available and being sold on the market as an SK chassis.
Cannot be a Pan car chassis with a SK body on it.
Any SK Body Available and being sold on the market as a SK body.
Cars must weigh in at 2.30lbs RACE READY (W/Transponder)
One Damper Tube
Stock 17.5 roar brushless motors / 4 cell"

Ken Kerttula


I’m thrilled finally be able to announce a union between the Snowbirds and the United States Vintage Trans Am Racing Association. In less than a year, the USVTA has been leading the charge to help bring one of the fastest growing single classes in all of R/C car racing to club tracks around the country. To this point, the support and feedback has been outstanding, and this news should add to the excitement.

The addition of the USVTA class at the Snowbirds will showcase one of the most exciting and entertaining classes I have participated in through my 25-years of racing R/C cars. With a decline in all R/C racing in recent years, racing needs a big shot of fun and excitement—and this is the perfect class. Much more reasonable speed, lower costs, realistic and exciting looking bodies, wheels and tires, less traction and wheel-to-wheel action drive this class. It IS the next big thing.

There will be at least 2 representatives from the USVTA in attendance to assist with tech, Concours and help with any questions or concerns that may arise. We’re all very excited to see Vintage Trans Am begin it’s relationship with the 2009 Snowbird Nationals, and we look forward to a fantastic event in February."

Doug Carter